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Server Solution

WorldBox is a server solution for creating a multiplayer virtual universe based on OpenSim technology. Setting up an OpenSim server is usually a rather complex task and often difficult. We developed WorldBox, drawing on our practical years of experience in developing various OpenSim-based projects. Originally, WorldBox was a closed project that we used only for our own purposes, including commercial ones. And today we are ready to share our experience with all who find it interesting. WorldBox will not only speed up the development of the server, but also teach you many features of this amazing platform.

The main features of your grid that you get right out of the box

Groups creating

Editable user's profiles


Land selling possibility for 0 $ to specific user

Hipergrid enabled Grid

There is a process of grid installing

* Please note, that this video demonstrates how to install grid in local network. If you will install your grid in global internet you need to use WAN IP, not LAN!

There are 4 simple steps to create your own grid with WorldBox:

  1. Setup global setting (your current server IP or domain name);
  2. Runing of  main Robust server and creating portable data bases;
  3. Installing of preinstalled Diva WIFI web interface for your grid;
  4. Creating additional custom regions and launching them;

Are you not strong in server settings and need additional information? Here is a detailed instruction:

How reliable is a grid created with WB?

We tested WorldBox on some heavily loaded grids. WorldBox can withstand extreme loads 24/7 for a year, terrabytes of content, constant downloads of broken meshes and numerous visits from users from other grids every day. According to our observations, we can say that the WB is reliable enough, but we refuse to give any guarantees and completely disclaim responsibility. You need to keep in mind that Opensim is an experimental software that is still in beta testing.

World Box 2.0 uses OpenSim v. It’s not the newest version, but it’s the most stable and predictable. Despite the fact that it is an old version, it is still used by content-oriented, underground and non-conformist grids. If you don't like experiments and need stability, then this is exactly what you need.

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