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Now you don’t have to be an Expert in OpenSim to run your own virtual world! Welcome to World Box - a reliable server solution for developing Opensim grids.

Step 1. Server settings


When you start WorldBox, you will see the main menu of the program. The first task is to change the main server settings. This operation is necessary only during the first start of the server. Select the SETTINGS button.


On the next menu click "SERVER CONFIGS" button to get access to the main configs...


Click "EDIT SERVER CONFIGS" to open ini file for Robust server editing. Robust- it is your main server. After you click the button a txt document " Robust.ini" will appear on your screen. Here you will need change some details as your IP and ports. By default you can see localhost IP in all settings. You need change all "" with your IP or domain name. Use hotkeys Ctrl+H to changing it faster.

Secondly, you need to change the login data in the [DatabaseService] section below. By default, you already have a portable MySQL in UsbWebServer. For the security of your server, you also need to change this data. If you use WorldBox for experimental purposes, you can ignore it for now.

The next thing you need is to change the name of your grid from "WorldBox" to your own. Go to the [GridInfoService] section below the document.

After that you need to save and close this document. Then the file "GridCommon.ini" opens for editing. All you need to do here is change “” to your IP or domain name. Use hotkeys Ctrl + H to do this. Good. Now you can save it and close it.

Click "APPLY SERVER SETTINGS" to apply them.


Step 2. Runing server and  creating of data base


Return to the main menu and click "RUN WAMP". Your portable database will start. Please wait until MySQL and Apache start up, and green checks appear next to these options. See the USBWebserver Menu below. When this happens, press the “RUN ROBUST” button. A black robust console appears.


Please do not interrupt the database creation process. When process will complete you will see how Robust will stop printing in console and "R.O.B.U.S.T. #" in last line.



Step 3. General web site creating

Open your web browser

The Diva WIFI home page will open in your browser. Now you need to install it on your server. Click "INSTALL WIFI" in the upper right corner of the page to start the installation. A new window will appear in which you must enter the password for the administrator account. Your administrator account is “World Admin” and the password you will set here.


Step 4. Creating a region


This is the last step to launch your own universe! Your database and Robust should be running when you create a new region. Just click on the “RUN REGION” button and your first region will be launched! A black console Opensim.exe will appear on the screen.


There are several question you need to answer for create your region:

  1. NEW REGION NAME - Enter your region name here and press Enter.
  2. REGION UUID - You can stay it without any changes and just press Enter.
  3. REGION LOCATION- a very important question. There are coordinates of your first island and by default there are 1000, 1000 (x and y). You can stay it without any changes but next one region cant be 1000, 1000 and should have another coordinates for location.
  4. INTERNAL IP ADDRESS- You can stay it without any changes and just press Enter.
  5. INTERNAL PORT-yet one important. Every region should have unique port. By default it is 9000. But your next regions cant use 9000 port anymore and for next one you can use 9001, for example, and so on.
  6. Allow alternate ports [False]- just hit Enter.
  7. EXTERNAL HOST NAME- most important thing. Here should be your external IP or domain name. 
  8. ESTATE OWNER FIRST NAME- here should be avatar name of region owner. Now we have only World Admin avatar but you can create another one using your browser with
  9. ESTATE OWNER LAST NAME - If first name was "World" then here can be "Admin" etc.



You can use one of viewers for exploring virtual worlds.

How it works

Here you can see an example of how to connect to your OpenSim virtual world. But you must keep in mind that your grid address is http://your_ip_or_domain:8002. If you use same computer where your grid installed then your address will http://localhost:8002. 

Your fantasy creates a universe around you!

Let's try another WorldBox functions!