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Server Solution

Now you can build your own grid without the need to be an OpenSim expert. Welcome to WorldBox - Grid Hypergrid robust solution. It is simple! WorldBox is a server solution for creating a multiplayer virtual universe based on OpenSim technology.

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What are virtual worlds and how do they look?

OpenSim is free, open source software that allows anyone to create a virtual world and run it on their own computer. It is fully decentralized, works in virtual reality mode with Oculus Rift, and allows avatars to teleport between worlds as easily as they follow links between websites.

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We will build a grid for you. Our technologies are based on OpenSim and aimed at developing virtual worlds of high reliability. In order to create your own virtual world, you need to have a server (Windows) with a dedicated ip address. We will do the rest. You will get your own hypergrid with the ability to remotely host regions. We will also build for you a client regions server of that you can share with your friends. You will receive a full-featured grid, a user registration system and the Diva WIFI administration system. As a gift you will receive a corporate splashscreen with statistics of your grid. Grid installation will cost you $ 100. If you are interested, contact us with form bellow or our e-mail .

We will develop the viewer specifically for your grid. It will not need to be customized. When you start the viewer immediately connects to your grid. The viewer is compiled based on the Firestorm viewer. You will get your own viewer with your grid logo and installer. Share it with your users so that they quickly find your virtual world! You can order x32 or x64 version of viewer or both (for Windows). Viewer compilation cost 100$ for each version. Version x32 will run on both x32 and 64 systems but x32 has less memory. Use this form to make an order.

Each grid should have a beautiful splashscreen. Splashscreen is a small site and the first thing that users will see in the window of their viewer. Splashscreen is often decorated with video or image, logo and statistics. Statistics show how many guests and users you have in the grid, the number of islands, unique visitors, etc. We are developing splashscreen based on bootstrap technology. You can see an example of our splashscreen here. The cost of simple splashscreen is 60 $.

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